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MOWE Mozambique: connecting MOWE with youth entrepreneurship

August 2009

ILO-WEDGE Mozambique has partnered with Empresa Junior, a component of the Higher Institute of Science & Technology Mozambique (ISCTEM), to organize the next MOWE events in Mozambique and promote women’s entrepreneurship.

ISCTEM is a non-profit, civil society association composed exclusively of final year university students. Empresa Junior, a unit of ISCTEM, provides various business development services and also serves as an internship platform for students.  Empresa Junior operates on the school campus and has previously run Global Entrepreneurship Week with an emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship for the young people. It was due to this that ILO considered the unit as a perfect basis for the MOWE celebrations, which would contribute new ideas to the campus’s existing portfolio.  Read more

Regional Support Project for Women Entrepreneurs - LAUNCH

The ILO's Support Project for the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship (RBSA DEF) launched on July 21 in Yaounde, Cameroon. RBSA DEF is a regional project, part of the ILO's  global WED programme and in Cameroon was launched under the patronage of the Minister of Women's Empowerment and the Family, Marie Therese Abena Obama. The project is currently in a pilot phase, with the objective of supporting women's entrepreneurship development capacities in the formal and informal sectors, in both urban and rural areas. During the launch Minister Obama said that improving the situation and status of the Cameroonian woman in all sectors is the preoccupation of the government. the RBSA DEF project is taking place in Mali, Mauritania, Rwanda, Senegal, Cameroon and Nigeria. Read the full article.

New Tool Development: GOWEs & Tourism

August 2009

A new training tool has been developed to be used within WEDGE South Africa to identify growth orientated women entrepreneurs. The tool will be piloted at three, one day (3x1) regional growth development workshops for women entrepreneurs in the tourism sector as part of the WEDGE women of the month events. The workshop will run in three (3) provinces and will cover the fundamental principals required to develop a business growth strategy with a particular focus on women entrepreneurs in the tourism sector. For more information about this tool, contact CTA for South Africa, Grania Mackie.

12 Women Entrepreneurs  Win Business Competition in Tanzania

August 2009

12 former WEDGE participants from Mtwara, Lindi and Morogoro, Tanzania, participated in a business competition organized by the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF). These women won the competition and were presented their cheques/grants on 14th of August 2009, by Dr.  Mohamed Shein, the Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania.
The overall winner of the competition was Clara Ibihya, a food processor from Kibaha District in the Coast region and WEDGE participant. She received a grant worth Tsh 42.00 million.  Together with the other 11 winners in the competition, the group received a total of Tsh. 63.6 million in grants. 

Join us in congratulating the 12 winners for their remarkable achievements in business and excellence in the competition. 

1. Bernadetha Assenga  - Mtwara  - Tsh 3.6 Million
2. Gudila Joackim - Mtwara - Tsh 3.6 Million
3. Harieth Kaduma - Mtwara Tsh 3.6 Million
4. Modest Chingwile- Mtwara Tsh 3.6 Million
5. Mariam Mwalimu  Mtwara - Tsh 4.8 Million
6. Esther Mufui  - Morogoro - Tsh 2.4 Million
7. Monica Secharo - Morogoro  - Tsh 4.8 Million
8. Asha - Morogoro Tsh 2.4 Million.
9. Janeth - Morogoro Tsh 3.6 Million
10. Halima Mohammed - Lindi Tsh 2.4 Million
11. Asha Matwanje - Lindi Tsh 3.6 Million
12. Clara Ibihya - Kibaha District 42 Million

ILO to groom women entrepreneurs

Kampala, April 2009

ILO-WEDGE launches phase III of the WEDGE program in Uganda, partnering with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development to build capacity of governments and social partners to promote the interests of women entrepreneurs. Read the article.

ILO SEMA in the news - using radio to impart business skills

Uganda, 2006

ILO-Small Enterprise Media in Africa (SEMA) uses radio to relay information from the private sector to rural small and medium enterprises in northern Uganda, where the radio is the medium of mass communication. The ILO-SEMA has been using the radio to support the growth of mirco and small entrepreneurs and have been training radio stations to use the medium as a platform to transmit business information and serve as a channel for business advisory services. Read the article.