Disability inclusion: tools & resources

Count is in! : how to make sure women with disabilities can participate effectively in mainstream women's entrepreneurship development activities

Book, 2008

Count Us In!
provides guided outlines indicating what need to be done to ensure that women with disabilities can benefit fully from mainstream Women's Entrepreneurship Development (WED) activities. The guide is designed primarily for ILO staff and project managers who are not specialists in disability related issues, as well as service providers, including women enterprise associations (WEAs), disabled persons’ associations (DPOs) and others who want to ensure the full participation of disabled women in WED.

Many of the actions detailed in Count US In! are straightforward, cost-free and can be applied immediately. Although designed to mainstream women with disabilities into WED programmes, the guidelines can be adapted for any programme that seeks to operationalize inclusion strategies. Download the guide.

Link and learn: progress assessment of the approach adopted to promoting the inclusion of women entrepreneurs with disabilities into the WEDGE programme in four African countries

Book, 2007

Link and Learn is the project assessment of “Developing Entrepreneurship among Women with Disabilities” (DEWD), part of the Irish aid/ILO programme.  DEWD, working closely in cooperation with WEDGE, aims to facilitate the access of women entrepreneurs with disabilities to mainstream women’s entrepreneurship development (WED) activities in five sub-Saharan African countries - Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

The assessment was carried out in 2006 in four countries – Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. The assessment reviewed WEDGE tools, materials and reports and canvassed the opinions of organizations and individual women entrepreneurs, both disabled and non-disabled, indentifying: strengths for replication and enhancement, weakness for resolution, and possible improvements. The results of the assessment are being used to inform the supports for practitioners to include women with disabilities effectively into general small enterprise development. Download the book.