MOWE Mozambique: Connecting with youth entrepreneurship

August 2009

ILO-WEDGE Mozambique has partnered with Empresa Junior, a component of the Higher Institute of Science & Technology Mozambique (ISCTEM), to organize the next MOWE events in Mozambique and promote women’s entrepreneurship.

ISCTEM is a non-profit, civil society association composed exclusively of final year university students. Empresa Junior, a unit of ISCTEM, provides various business development services and also serves as an internship platform for students.  Empresa Junior operates on the school campus and has previously run Global Entrepreneurship Week with an emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship for the young people. It was due to this that ILO considered the unit as a perfect basis for the MOWE celebrations, which would contribute new ideas to the campus’s existing portfolio.  

Empresa Junior will be subcontracted by ILO-WEDGE to undertake the following activities:

  1. Organize a MOWE committee and a workshop for the stakeholders based on the MOWE guide by August 2009. Ensure that through the committee a comprehensive activity plan is developed and the event details finalized.
  2. Organize a series of events as underlined by the final MOWE Mozambique proposal presented to the ILO, including:

  • The organization of debates amongst women (for instance through the “estado de nação”-STV programme) and panel discussions given by prominent women entrepreneurs
  • Combine the women entrepreneurship discussions with the award ceremony for the  Woman Entrepreneur Award and Woman with Disability Entrepreneur Award Promotion of the  women role models and compiling these stories to be posted online ( Web portal ) or compiled in a different way for wider dissemination
  • Make relevant arrangements and planning to ensure that the expositions will showcase the women’s activities and be well publicized.
  • Ensure that the mini-magazine (a newsletter about women's entrepreneurship development) will cover at least 25% news of women entrepreneurs in Mozambique and circulated widely.
  • The development of a Web portal, dedicated to women entrepreneurs’ activities, networking and information sharing on the various challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Mozambique.